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The Foundation houses a library and an archive of documents with a rich collection of books about Remo Bianco, as well as numerous catalogues of personal and collective exhibitions, brochures, essays, exhibition invitations, press cuttings of the time, hundreds of posters and so on. In addition, significant information about the artist can also be gleaned from further documents such as letters, essays by critics and art historians and documents related to the artist’s activity. 

More than 1,000 titles are now stored in the Foundation’s archive.

There is also an important corpus of historical photographs, both personal and related to public exhibitions and artworks, which is in the process of being digitised in high-resolution, and a collection of audio and video related materials, which are currently being studied and catalogued, which belong to the artistic production of Bianco which involved this medium (such as the ‘Talking Paintings’), or that which is related to the interviews released by him over the years.

We are also working on finding all the historical witnesses to the artist's life, making contact with the people who knew and worked with him in order to enrich by way of photographs, and audio-visual records, the study of the figure and work of Remo Bianco. 

An interested personage can visit and access the Archive of the Foundation for consultation, after submitting in advance their research project and arranging an appointment with our staff.

The use of images is permitted when prior written authorization has been given by the Foundation.