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The early three-dimensional works were executed from 1948. Depending on the material, these 3D’s were divided into two types : “transparent” , if the support was glass or sheets of plastic, and “opaque” if the work was made of wood, metal sheets, or plexiglas. The “opaque” 3D belongs to a more mature production and they were created for the most part from 1956 onwards. 

In both transparent and opaque 3D works, the image is the result of a combination of drawings or cut out shapes layered on different planes and assembled “in order to produce the effect of depth when superimposed” (G. Belli – A. Marchionne 1987). 

In some of the 3D's the different surfaces are stratified into a wooden frame; while in other wood works, the frame is considered joined with the work. In their thickness some of the 3D works could be considered as residing in a liminal space between painting and sculpture.