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The Remo Bianco Foundation was founded 15th July 2011 and has been officially recognized by the Lombardy Region in Italy since 13th December 2011. According to the Statute, the Foundation "promotes, creates and spreads cultural and artistic expression, with particular reference to the work of the painter Remo Bianchi, later known as Remo Bianco". The aim of the Foundation is "to promote Remo Bianco’s work both culturally and artistically, with a focus on the area of Milan, in order to improve the apparition of his work in a context of community education in beauty and the history of art”. Furthermore the Foundation works to conserve and protect, through judicial action when necessary, Remo Bianco’s artwork from any kind of forgery in order to protect the artist’s legacy and the authenticity of his works”. The Foundation collects, orders and conserves all publications, photographs and press material that might be helpful in documenting the life of the artist and his work. The Foundation promotes the publication of catalogues and biographies as well as the organization of exhibitions dedicated to Remo Bianco. The Foundation has established a Scientific Committee for the recognition of works and for the management of scientific activities and research. 

The Foundation remembers Lyda Bianchi, the artist's sister and Honorary President of the Foundation, who passed away on 19th December 2013 and Miklos Varga, Remo Bianco's friend, intellectual, art historian, poet and member of our Scientific Committee, who passed away in 2019.


Remo Bianco Foundation
Board of Directors:
Riccardo Gianni - President 
Laura Antifora - Director
Scientific Committee:
Adriano Altamira
Lorella Giudici
Sharon Hecker
Laura Hoptman
Official Restorer:
Ida Ravenna  - Centro di Restauro Zanolini Paola - Ravenna Ida, Milan