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Begun in 1948, the relief-image cycle “represents the poetic recovery of the reality around us, especially for the most humble things which usually get lost” (Remo Bianco). The Impronte (Imprints) consist of  plaster, pressed cardboard or plastic, casts of objets trouvés.

These works could be interpreted by the statements of the Manifesto dell’Arte Improntale (Imprint manifesto) written by Bianco in 1956 and seem to respond to the “need of fixing forever the moments of one’s life (...), being obsessed by the inacceptable possibility that they could be canceled and lost for ever” (L. Giudici 2005).
The Sacchettini – Testimonianze (Little plastic bags) - belong to the same cycle, created in the second half of the 1950s. In those works the “worthless objects that we forget” (Remo Bianco) – such as coins, shells, small toys, scraps objects…- are packaged into plastic bags and fixed on a wooden panel, and hung on walls like a traditional picture.